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About the Parkes Group

About the Parkes Group

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Unmatched in our industry a unique package of benefits guaranteed
By doing business with Parkes, we want to make your business as profitable as possible. That's why we've introduced our unique package of benefits and performance guarantees.

  • Any questions will be turned around and on your desk within 12 hours.
  • You will receive an agreed delivery schedule tailored to your requirements.
  • We hold over one million stock items in our warehouse at any time, to minimise delivery lead times.
  • We will call you 24 hours before despatch of your order to double check the exact details and accommodate any last minute requirements.
  • We take great care in packaging our products, but should your order get damaged, we guarantee to send a replacement within 24 hours.
  • Each order goes through a rigorous checking system before it leaves our warehouse to ensure that it is correct.
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Unique Guarantee

When you work with Parkes, we want you to get exactly what you expect and more. From your initial enquiry right through to delivery.

To remove any doubts you may have about using our services, we want you to be certain that you can't lose out.

When you do business with Parkes, if for any reason you are not completely delighted with the level of service you receive, and the performance of your fixings, we will collect them and refund your money.

Put us to the test

Our team of experts work very hard to ensure that every detail of your order is completed within budget and on time, helping your business to run smoothly.

You would expect your best suppliers to continuously improve their standards. So we recently commissioned an independent study of our industry. This was to highlight those areas in which companies using metal fixings felt their suppliers let them down.

Our performance standards and guarantees are in response to this survey. We know you are looking for a personal and reliable service. You need your queries answered quickly and accurately. Any problem with an order needs to be sorted out before it affects your customer's business. How do you know Parkes can deliver this service not just once, but every time you call?

100% of customers asked said that they would definitely recommend Parkes to other companies. The independent survey also found that 88% of customers felt that Parkes deliver on their promises. So whilst we're not perfect you can be sure we've taken action on the other 12% to put things right.

So we are inviting you to put us to the test.

Don't delay; contact us now. Ask to speak to one of our experienced sales staff. We'll explain how our service will remove the hassle from your fixings orders, and free up your time to build you business.

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