Single Piece Build In Joist Hanger

Single Piece Build In Joist Hanger

Specification: Manufactured to BS EN 845-1:2013

Specification: Tested to EN846-4 under AVCP system 3
and issued test report Ref: 133412/Ref. 1

Parkes single piece joist hanger – Our new single piece hangers are being made on state of the art machines which allow us to produce extraordinary consistency combined with additional inbuilt strength which will give you excellent support through any building project. Our world leading design software will allow us to produce a hanger for almost every eventuality.

Parkes single piece hookover hanger — The addition of the hookover plate does not increase any weight loadings. It does however allow for single user installation, as all hangers can be positioned quickly and left in place while you continue the build.

The depth of the hookover plate must be specified at time of order.

Parkes single piece straddle hanger — Again the addition of the straddle plate offers no extra weight loading capacity but does once again allow for single user installation. It also ensures the twoconnected hangers align exactly on either side of the supporting wall.

The depth of the straddle plate must be specified at the time of order.


Parkes single piece joist hangers are manufactured from pre galvanised mild steel.
Joist hangers of 150mm depth and greater are manufactured 10mm less than overall size to allow for notching and for regularised timber.