Multi Hanger

Multi Hanger


The Parkes Multi hangers are an effective quick and very strong way to support timber joists from either solid masonry walls or from timber headers.


  • A combination of both nail / screw and boltholes gives maximum options when fixing a multi hanger.
  • If using nails, you should always use 30mm x 3.75mm galvanised square twist nails or equivalent.
  • Ideal for use on masonry walls that don’t have a regular grout line.
  • Ideal for use where height restricts access.


Parkes standard multi hanger –Designed with externally visible fixing flanges for when space is not an issue.

Parkes internal fix multi hanger – Designed with internal fixing flanges for when an invisible fix is required or when the hanger needs butting up to another fixture.

Parkes sloped / skewed multi hanger –Designed and manufactured to your individual requirements

All of these products require a specified timber size at the time of ordering.


  • Both styles of Multi Hanger are manufactured from pre galvanised mild steel.
  • Both styles of Multi Hanger must cover a minimum of 60% of the overall height of the timber joist.